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Online Gambling – Some Interesting Facts

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Are you interested in online gambling? Are you a newbie or experienced gambler? Are you just a curious person crazy about online gambling facts? Do you want to know some interesting facts about the gambling world? In this article, you will find some interesting facts, some crazy facts and some joyous facts about online gambling. It is a fact that online gambling is getting a growth day by day. It has a variety of faces and facts. There are different directions and manifestations of online gambling. It will be useful to know some of its interesting facts. Here are some.

Number On Roulette

All the numbers on a roulette wheel add upto 666. That is why some gambler refers to it as The Devil’s game.

18th-Century Gamblers

In 1800 illegal gamblers would eat craps dice to avoid arrest during a police raid.

Sailor In Los Vegas

A sailor had 27 consecutive wins in Los Vegas in the 50s while playing craps. This happens only 1 in 12467890.

Royal flush

The potential of royal flush in poker is 1 in 649740.


In Japan, the gambler is illegal. The winner sells the prizes back to the authorities.


In gambling, blackjack is the only game where your math knowledge may give you a win. It means it depends heavily on mathematic calculations.


Baccarat has the meaning o zero in French and Italian

Vegas Hospital

In 1980, a Vegas hospital suspended its workers for betting. These workers were lying when the patient died. Even a nurse was accused of murder. She killed a patient to win. She has indicted o this crime.

Slot Machines

Slot machines used to dispense fruit-flavoured chewing gum. So that it may be traded for money. Gambling was illegal at that time. Even today, a lot of slots use fruit symbols.

Male pastime

It is a fact that gambling is a male pastime. More than 80% of gamblers are male. It means females are behind males in gambling.


Tesla was a gambling addict when he was in school. Authorities threw him out of school as he lost all his fees on gambling. He suffered a nervous breakdown.

A village in India became addicted to gambling and chess when a man taught him the game to reduce alcohol use. Now all is declined to nothing.

Wife bought a scratch-off lottery ticket to prove it a waste of money. But the ticket won a one million dollar prize.


Monkeys can be taught to use money. Capuchins were trained to exchange silver discs for a treat. They began the budget for the food they liked. They bought more when prices dropped, and then they started gambling. The rich monkeys figured out that they may pay each other for sex.

FedEx is a courier company. In its early days, its CEO took the company, s 5000 dollars to Las Vegas. He won $27000 there on blackjack. So he covered the company, s $24000 fuel bill.

These are some interesting facts about the online gambling world.